We know there are a lot of choices out there when it comes to outdoor heating and we thank you for considering Outdoor Order™ as a potential partner. As much as we’d like to sell to every available dealer, We go to great lengths to make sure our products fit your business model. There are several key factors that determine if we are a good fit for one another. Let’s look at them together:


The US Outdoor Furniture and Accessory Market was valued at $7.6B USD as of 2015 with expected growth rates to exceed 3% annually. The US Market size is expected to exceed $9.1B in 2019.


Outdoor Order™ products are sold exclusively through our specialty retail partners across a broad spectrum of industries. We do not drop-ship, we do not sell online, we do not publish pricing and we do not sell direct. Our dealers are our sales team; when they succeed, we succeed.


Outdoor Order™ products carry a comprehensive 3/2/1 year limited warranty.


Our product line is made up of a diverse collection of outdoor heaters to suit every application. Manufacturing refinements including remote control operation, stainless steel components, and borosilicate glass tubes truly set the Outdoor Order™ line of heaters apart.


Outdoor Order™ Products typically meet or exceed industry standard margin parameters long established in the outdoor comfort category. For exact numbers please contact an Authorized Manufacturer Representiative


Outdoor Order™ products are priced in the mid to high price* category targeted for luxury consumers and commercial applications. *Mid to high price points typically range between 4-8X higher than entry-level products in the same category.


Our sales philosophy is that our job begins after you’ve placed your order. From sales training to our dealer locator, we are always devising new strategies to support your efforts to sell our products. We truly believe we are in this together, and our job isn’t complete until your customer is satisfied.


Marketing matters now more than ever and Outdoor Order™ has all the assets you’ll ever need to effectively market our brand. Our team has developed some of the more innovative and cutting edge marketing materials in our industry. Cut sheets, hang-tags, hero images, in-store displays, are all part of our comprehensive approach to co-market our brand with you.


We care about our customers and by extension, we care about yours. From our 48 hour shipping window on replacement parts to our comprehensive troubleshooting guides, our job isn't complete until your client is cozy and warm.