The brand

Ever wonder how a patio heater works? How much space will it heat? How long will it last? How will it look on my patio? We founded Outdoor Order™ to take all of this guesswork out of purchasing an outdoor heater. Our philosophy, “Bringing Order to the Outdoors” is symbolic of our mission to provide the most comprehensive solution to your outdoor comfort needs. The Outdoor Order™ product line is a curated selection suited to every outdoor heating application. We use high quality, durable materials in our ISO 9001 manufacturing process, and offer unique designs and finishes. Our sales team is not just selling a product, but creating a relationship with our clients. Effective outdoor heating sales require a commitment to training, marketing support, and customer service that extends beyond the sale point. By assisting our partners in selling our products, we all benefit and grow. Once you’re outside with our heaters on, warming and illuminating your patio, you’ll understand how our philosophy works. Give us a try and experience our focus on bringing order to your outdoor space.